Sheep wool blend ribbed cardigan coat with scarf set



This scarf with cardigan set is made of environmentally friendly blended yarn from sheep's wool, imbuing a natural warmth and skin-friendly touch. It features a spray wool knitting technique that results in a fluffy and lightweight texture. With the cardigan weighing more than 800g and a massive, thick scarf weighing over 500g, it ensures warmth without being burdensome. The yarn's excellent four-side stretchability minimizes distortion. The fashionable thick rod style combined with a 3-needle-1-thread knitting technique provides a soft and substantial wrap with a defined profile. The loose silhouette coupled with three-dimensional pocket enriches the visual aesthetics. Paired with a large textured scarf, it offers warmth and style, unlocking multiple possibilities for mix and match.


74.6% Sheep wool 24.8% Nylon 0.6% Spandex


Care Instructions

It's recommended to take this item to the laundry for professional dry cleaning.

Do not wash with water, do not machine wash, and avoid forceful twisting.

Lay it flat to dry in a cool place, don't machine dry or expose it to the sun.

When storing, fold and place it in the wardrobe, don't hang it on a hanger to prevent it from becoming stretched and misshapen.

Any wool fabric will have a minor pilling phenomenon due to repeated friction, which is an unavoidable characteristic of the fabric. You can handle it using a lint remover.


Please take good care of your clothing. Damages caused by improper washing are not covered under the return and exchange policy.

Colour: Camel
Size: F
Category: Scarf
Colour: Camel
Size: F
Category: Scarf

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