Alpaca wool and sheep wool blend Balaclava hat



This Balaclava hat is crafted from carefully selected Peruvian skin-friendly coarse alpaca wool yarn in combination with wool blend. It uses a three-needle, two-thread knitting technique to provide excellent warmth. A yarn style that evokes a fluffy, velvety atmosphere gives a lightweight, soft feeling. The fashionable tie-hood design unlocks multiple styles and enhances the chicness of winter wear.


31% Sheep wool   30% Acrylic   24% Nylon   15% Alpaca


Care Instructions

It is recommended to take this hat to the laundry for professional dry cleaning.

Do not wash with water, do not machine wash, and avoid wringing out forcefully.

Dry flat in a cool place, do not machine dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

Fold and store in a wardrobe, and avoid hanging on a hanger to prevent stretching and deformation.

Light pilling can occur with repeated friction on the woolen fabric, which is inevitable due to the fabric characteristic and can be handled with a lint remover.

The blended woolen fabric contains long fibers, shedding is normal and unavoidable due to fabric characteristics.


Please take good care of your clothing. Damages caused by improper washing are not covered under the return and exchange policy. Please be mindful of this.  

Colour: Black
Colour: Black

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