Leather color-block Picnic tote bag



This tote bag is crafted with premium natural cowhide leather, showcasing a delicate texture and a subtle waxed gloss for an understated appeal. The wet processing technique ensures that the leather surface remains three-dimensional and naturally resistant to deformation. The bag features a geometric silhouette with clean lines, complemented by contrasting details for a rich and layered design.

With a spacious interior and a cleverly designed shoulder strap, it meets the practical needs of daily commuting and various scenarios. The soft and eco-friendly microfiber lining reduces the weight of the bag, making it durable and easy to maintain. The advanced cut logo and hand-finished edges showcase unique craftsmanship details. Whether carried by hand or worn over the shoulder, it exudes a comfortable and versatile style.


Second layer cowhide



Care Instructions

It is recommended to send the item to a professional leather care service for cleaning and maintenance. Avoid getting the leather wet and refrain from ironing. Use a small amount of professional leather cleaner to gently wipe the surface. It is advisable to hang the item in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight. Be cautious about potential scratches from keys or other sharp objects. Genuine leather products may have a distinct leather smell, which is normal. Placing the item in a ventilated area for some time should help alleviate it.


Products require proper care. Damages resulting from improper washing are not covered under our return or exchange policy. Please handle the products with care and attention to ensure their longevity.


Colour: Chocolate
Colour: Chocolate

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