Suede ultra-soft leather hobo shoulder bag large


This suede hobo bag is crafted from carefully selected silky suede cowhide, offering a delicate touch and a soft, subdued colour. The interior features a soft and eco-friendly microfiber leather, reducing the bag's own weight, making it durable, and easy to maintain. The classic design by jajainthemoment, combined with a vintage suede, reshapes a distinctive style. With its spacious capacity and lightweight design, this bag is practical for various daily commuting scenarios.


Outer: leather; Inner: eco-friendly ultrafiber

  • Base width: 70cm
  • Base height: 31.5cm

Care Instructions:

Avoid Water and Oil: Refrain from exposing the item to water and oil, and do not iron.

Avoid Light-Colored Clothing Pairing: Avoid wearing light-coloured clothing, especially those made of pure cotton, to prevent colour bleeding or staining issues.

Long-Term Storage: If not in use for an extended period, store the item in a dust bag to prevent dust accumulation.

Cleaning Guidelines: In case of stains or water/liquid marks, use professional suede cleaning tools for maintenance.


Regarding Odor:
Our products are crafted using high-quality leather and environmentally friendly adhesives. It's natural for genuine leather items to have a distinctive leather scent, which can be alleviated by placing the product in a well-ventilated area for some time.

Concerning Color Fastness:
Typically, dark-coloured leather may undergo some dyeing during later stages of production. Genuine leather may have natural variations in colour. For dark-coloured and suede materials, it's advisable to avoid pairing them with light-coloured clothing to prevent potential colour bleeding or staining issues.

Product Care Notice:
Products require proper care. Damages resulting from improper washing are not covered under our return or exchange policy. Please handle the products with care and attention to ensure their longevity.

Colour: Black
Colour: Black

Product information

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