Autumn South African ultra-fine mohair blend V-neck casual sweater


Introducing this V-neck sweater, carefully crafted from selected South African imported Merino wool blend, giving it a luxurious silk-like luster and excellent skin-friendly feel. The blend of natural wool locks in moisture and provides warmth. The classic V-neck design adds a three-dimensional touch, perfect for embracing the casual and laid-back style of autumn days.


28.6%Mohair   27.4%Sheep Wool   44%Nylon

Model Yihui Wang size M
height/weight 177cm/49kg       bust/waist/hip 82/59/88

Care Instructions:

We recommend taking the garment to a professional dry cleaning service.

  • Do not wash with water, machine wash, or wring forcefully to avoid damage.
  • Avoid exposing the garment to direct sunlight to prevent fading or fabric damage.
  • Fold and store in a wardrobe, avoiding hanging on hangers to prevent stretching or deformation.
  • Initial washing of dark-colored fabrics may result in some color bleeding, which is normal.
  • Slight shedding of mohair is unavoidable and not a quality issue. Please be mindful before purchasing.
  • Wool fabrics may experience slight fuzziness with repeated friction. This is an inherent characteristic of the fabric and can be managed using a fabric shaver.
  • Yarn characteristics may lead to unavoidable phenomena, and a fabric shaver can be used to address any issues.


Clothing requires care. Damages caused by improper washing are not covered under the return or after-sales policy. Please take note of this.

Colour: Black
Size: S
Colour: Black
Size: S

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