Australian wool turtleneck cocoon shape knit dress with shawl set


This knit dress and shawl set is crafted from carefully selected 80s superfine Australian Merino wool, with a fineness of 18.5 microns, using a unique spinning process. It combines a soft, velvety feel with clean, distinct textures, natural coloration, and exceptional warmth.

The relaxed fit, cocoon-shaped turtleneck, and bud-shaped one-piece dress feature smooth, innovative cut lines, offering both warmth and style. When paired with the matching shawl, it effortlessly embodies a sense of style suitable for both casual and commuting wear.


100% Wool 


Model Jingwen size customised
height/weight 171cm/50kg       bust/waist/hip 78/59/86

Care Instructions:

We recommend professional dry cleaning for this garment.

Do not wash with water, machine wash, wring forcefully, or expose to direct sunlight.

Fold and store it in a wardrobe, avoiding hanging it on hangers to prevent stretching.

Wool fabric may experience minor pilling with repeated friction, which is an inherent characteristic. You can easily remove it using a fabric shaver.


Clothing requires care. Damages caused by improper washing are not covered under the return or after-sales policy. Please take note of this.  

Colour: Burgundy
Size: S
Category: Shawl
Colour: Burgundy
Size: S
Category: Shawl

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